Maintaining Your Solar Panel

  • Inspect the PV solar panels on a periodic basis (frequency depends on location or the manufacturer's specifications) to remove any debris and dirt and ensure all connections are tight.
  • Panels installed in dusty areas may require more frequent inspection.
  • Clean the surface of a PV solar panel with pure water to remove any accumulation of dirt and grime.
  • Remove any bird droppings as well since they can severely reduce the panel's energy-producing capacity.
  • Cleaning a PV solar panel is not cosmetic. A panel needs to be clean for it to operate at its rated capacity.

PV Solar panels easily get dirty....even if you observe the surface of a PV solar panel after just 1 day it would have gained a considerable amount of dust....the dust prevents sunlight from reaching the PV solar cells and thus reduces the performance of the PV solar panel....if left completely un-attended the dust may completely cover the PV solar panel making the expensive PV solar panel a waste....manual cleaning could be an option but PV solar panels are often mounted in difficult to reach area's.... and can be unsafe. So using Professional PV solar panel cleaning contractor is the right choice. Also PV solar panels are supposed to generate maintenance free electricity for a long manual regular cleaning of PV solar panels could be an inconvenience....

Since PV solar panels have no moving parts, we might tend to ignore their maintenance. Not only do the panels themselves need regular cleaning, any framing around the panel should be cleaned as well. While a PV solar panel can theoretically function for 30 years or more, a frame that is allowed to deteriorate will dramatically shorten the panel's useful life

Effects of Dirty PV Solar Panels

Dust on PV solar panels does a lot more than just make them look bad. "[a] dust layer of 4 grams per square meter can decrease PV solar power conversion by 40 percent,"

PV Solar panel cleaning is extremely important to achieve maximum output of a PV solar system. The financial impact of a clean PV solar panel is immediate. More electricity produced by the PV solar panels means less pounds billed by the utility company and a direct savings to the owner. During certain times of the year, when PV solar systems generate the most power, cleaning maintenance is especially important.

Since the life expectancy of PV solar panels is 30 years, regular cleaning is imperative, especially if they are exposed to dusty conditions or close to the sea where salt crystals can accumulate. Additionally the panels may be target to bird droppings which will severely reduce the generating capacity of your PV solar panels.

We use environmentally friendly pure water reach and wash cleaning system, which ensures great cleaning results to help your solar panels run more efficiently.

Cleaning PV Solar Panels

What We Do

Quite simply, we use 100% RO filtered water to bring the PV solar panel glass back to its original clean state.

Why Is Cleaning PV Solar Panels Necessary?

High up on the roof and angled towards the sky and the weather elements, the PV solar panels attract dirt and dust as well as salt and dirt particles left from the rain and wind. Over time a thin layer of dirt and grime will form, which reduces the amount of light reaching the power generating cells of the PV panel beneath the surface of the glass. The effectiveness of the PV solar panel is reduced week on week and the amount of power it generates is significantly lowered. Under the Feed in Tariff (FIT) system the earning power declines by approximately a third.

An example of what your panel would look like if it was not cleaned for 6 months is the same as your car windscreen being neglected for the same period.

How Often Should Solar PV Panels Be Cleaned?

The UK is relatively new to the installation of solar PV panels but taking the experience of European countries that have been installing them for many years they estimate the frequency of cleaning should be a minimum of 6 months, and preferably, Every 3 months.

Solar Panel Cleanliness Information

Photovoltaic (PV) Solar Panels are new in the UK but in the USA, Europe and the Middle East their popularity has been rapidly increasing for the past 5 years. The experience and expertise has therefore been extensive in these countries and this has benefitted the UK expansion considerably.

Some of the positive aspects of owning solar PV panels are also the detractor’s with cleanliness being one of them. Having to point them towards the sun also lends itself to encouraging the collection of dirt and grime from the rain, atmosphere and wind. Just consider NOT cleaning your car windscreen for 6 months and you can imagine the result. Every scrap of dirt, dust and grime will detract from the generation of electrical power thereby losing you money.

When standing in your garden looking up at the solar panels they may appear to be clean, just like your windows but get close to them and you will see the grime that has built up from the dirt and pollution in the air. A significantly worse aspect is the “bird droppings” problem, which will completely block out the light and generating power of the cells that the droppings are covering.

How We Clean Your Solar Panels

Solar panels positioned on the roofs of houses are a major safety issue and the need to clean the panels at least twice a year, if not more frequently, is a real problem that we can address for you. We are experienced in cleaning PV solar panels and have the equipment and staff to perform the task safely and efficiently. Our equipment will not leave hard water spots that occur when water on the panel’s surface evaporates and dries. We use 100% RO filtered water that does not leave residues and will not stain when it dries. Our pure water system uses de-ionised water and a soft head brush attachment so as not to damage the panels. No chemicals are used in our procedures as these can cause damage. Our water fed pole system reaches the panels on your roof from the ground and when necessary we employ ladders with supports and the appropriate personnel with the correct safety equipment.

How Often Do You Need To Have Your Solar Panels Cleaned?

The recommendation for cleaning frequency is every 3 months however; the worst case should be 6 monthly. The priority is to get them functioning at their optimum level.

You may think that the amount of rain that we get in the UK would keep your panels in a reasonable state but you would be disappointed. During the summer there may be long periods where it does not rain and the summer is when photovoltaics produce the most electricity. When it does rain some of the loose dirt is removed but more is deposited in its place. Additionally, nesting birds in the spring and summer make the soiling more prolific.

What service does Reflections Cleaning Services (UK) Ltd provide?

Our mobile technicians are available to clean all solar photovoltaic (PV) panel systems and solar water heating panel systems in the Gloucestershire area. Whether domestic or commercial, Reflections Cleaning Services (UK) Ltd can accommodate.

Cleaning with untreated hard water leaves spots and streaks containing mineral deposits and can limit the output of solar panels by up to 30%, Reflections Cleaning Services (UK) Ltd provide a ‘pure water only’ cleaning service for all types of solar panels. This method does not leave any residue, streaks or spotting behind. Detergents and chemicals are not used as these can also leave surface residue and can also have a detrimental impact on our environment.

Most manufacturers recommend the cleaning of your solar panels at least every 6 months but for optimum efficiency every 3 months would be advisable.

Reflections Cleaning Services (UK) Ltd can be a necessary part of the system maintenance as some manufacturers and installers require the cleaning of your solar panel system on a regular basis to maintain its warranty.

'Don’t lose up to 40% of your power by not cleaning your solar panels' call Reflections Now.


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